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he said that he doesn't think we're right for each other. aka he weighs like 120 and i am too fat for him because he is a stick.


i must be kidding myself because why do i insist in buying my rum in the regular bottle (is that called a fifth I never know) when clearly that is NOT NEARLY ENOUGH and i really need like a huge jug.

i drove up and visited my mom today. recently she cut it off with her man of like 10 years so i was asking her how she dealt and she was like "i just came home and drank" and i was like "good call." so yay rum.

also i talked to him today.

should we be friends. he is the last person i've talked to who understands my humour and is probably smarter than me so it means a lot to have him around. :(

but ow heart.

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